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Fate, Recanted
One's purpose should be their own.
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6th-Sep-2021 06:06 am - [OOC] HMD/Directory Post


IP logging off, anon enabled, all comments screened. You can also catch me at t3hloupe on aim, if you're so inclined.
3rd-Dec-2011 02:11 am - [Voice]
do tell
Filtered to Abysscast // 100%Collapse )

[ Filtered to clinic staff // 100% ]

Are there any doctors here with specialist knowledge of toxins?

[ end filter ]

If a man wanted to find productive employment in this village, where might he begin looking? Pay is obviously impossible, but I'm willing to work for personal satisfaction and perhaps a favor or two later.

I have twelve years of service as a military officer, and a decade of experience in sword instruction. I've been told I'm also a fair cook, and a talented musician. I can play the piano; and the pipe organ, though I doubt this village has one available.
I love it when they're stupid
[Van is having a rough time of it today. First he woke up to find that there had been some alterations while he was sleeping. What should be normal human ears have been replaced by cat ears. Big, fuzzy cat ears, which are apparently highly mobile. They're currently spending most of their time pinned back against his skull in displeasure.

And that's to say nothing of the tail.

Not only that, but when he was getting dressed, he found a pair of boots that he was certain weren't his. Oh, but they were very nice boots. The leather was so soft, and they had such nice trim, and... But no. He was not going to wear someone else's boots. Except... he just... couldn't... resist...

And the minutes those boots were on came the absolute certainty that someone out there in that village needed him. There were problems that needed solving, and only his wit, charm, cunning, and deviously underhanded trickery could possibly do! That and amazing footwear.

If only he knew whose problems they were.

No matter! He has a job to do, and a silly little thing like not knowing what it is is not enough to stop Vandesdelcat Musto Fende! He will search the entire village, stop everyone on the street, until he finds his beloved Mast-

...Something is not right here.

Nevertheless, he is compelled. He cannot resist it, no matter how he tries. He will indeed stop everyone he meets on the street, searching for that one person whose bidding he must do. Is it you?]

Excuse me! Wait! Is there something you need help with? Something that requires... cunning?

[Little does he know... it's not just one person.

It's everyone.]
14th-Sep-2011 02:53 pm - [action]
[It's been a few days since Van arrived, under less than ideal circumstances. During that time, he felt it was probably wisest to remain incommunicado. The easiest way to assure the others from Auldrant that he was doing nothing threatening was to appear to be doing nothing threatening; and he wasn't... strictly speaking. For the most part, all he'd done was study Ms. Sage's guide -- no, memorized it. He'll have to thank her, if they ever meet. She provided him with so much valuable information; including a list of exploitable thugs.

Someone should really do something about that.

But as enlightening as Ms. Sage's writings are, man cannot live on words alone. The supplies he gathered after leaving Asch and Luke's building (...and later returning to it) were starting to run out. He wasn't particularly thrilled with the clothes he'd grabbed, either. He'd rather not wear his Oracle uniform all the time, and the rest were a bit... lacking. He'd like to think he was a striking, well-dressed man; and appearances were so important to a favorable first impression. He'd get to that later in the day. And then the library, perhaps. It was always an advantage to have more information. His first stop, though, was something he could no longer put off: the medical facilities in the battle dome. He'd have to hope he could find what he needed there.

Despite his long list of errands (and the vague concern that he'll run into people he knows and would rather not deal with yet), he'll be perfectly willing to exchange a few words with anyone else out and about. In fact, he'll make sure to at least make eye contact and give a polite nod to every person he sees. The charisma is turned up to 11 today.]

For Dist, written that evening.Collapse )

(TL;DR: Meet him in the library, the clothing shops, the battle dome, on the street... And fill this out if you would, plz)
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